Water Conservation

      Here are a seven tips for conserving water: 

1. Check to see if toilets continue to run after flushing.  You can lose hundreds of gallons of water.

2.  Is your water bill higher than normal? You can have a water leak.  Check in your basement for leaks.

3. Always turn taps off tightly so they do not drip.

4. Promply repair any leaks in and around your taps.

5. If using an electric dishwater, use it only to wash full loads and use the shortest cycle possible.

6. Wash only full loads in your watching machine and use the shortest cycle possible.

7. When brushing your teeth turn the water off while you're acutally brushing.  Use short bursts of water for cleaning your brush.

Practicing these tips you can see a reduction in your monthly water bill.

Hooversville Water Quailty Report

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Public Service Notice

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